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真假学园2 10|鹤膝康贴"Maybe." Pang tong nodded silently and suddenly looked at xu shu and said, "shi yuan, I don't regret it."Chen gong, zu su, pang tong, xu shu and others all looked ugly. This was not a family scandal, but if the king was indeed the son of lu bu, it would have been difficult."Wing DE! Liu bei stared at zhang fei with a black face and asked him not to butt in.

Zhao DE scolded for a long time, see the opposite of no reaction, is angry and helpless.In the face of zhang fei and other famous for many years, cut will capture the flag, often in the chaotic army to take the head of the general of the top raptors, his martial arts is only some fire just.Think about it, it is not unreasonable, from the chaos of the yellow turbans, out of the number of heroes, but it is these heroes, the big man was torn apart, up to now more than 20 years, war has never ended, if in the end, really three parts of the world, really not the blessing of the people!真假学园2 10|'a temple? Lyu3 bu3 picked pick eyebrow: "past see."

真假学园2 10|"Lord Chen, is it true that there is a rumor about the king?" "Asked a smiling girl.'but I want to kill people now, too! Cao cao threw his sword on the ground and roared angrily.To this, the recent mood is not very good Zheng Xiaotong very impolitely for running these provocative way: I'm sorry, the central plains of the family in changan is not approved, and the poor, not just in changan, even ran to the western regions and even further afield, who can only take you as an alien whose native language is Chinese and never will you as a noble, only the family of changan recognition, is really noble, not just in the big fellow, on the land of the sun, wherever would receive treatment, including changan ju-men apprentice will also be popular.

"Look at it, general!" The deputy general pointed to zhang liao's camp and said with a smile, "at the end, I just saw that zhang liao's horses were far ahead of our army, but they only numbered 30,000. Now they are spread out completely and scattered around ye city. We only need to gather our elite and storm one of them."A long line of words, open!" The flag-bearer sat on horseback, waving the flag, the 5,500 soldiers quickly opened, gathered into four rows, in the command of the flag-bearer, the distance between each other."Mediation can not, this time there are hundreds of people, went to the mediation of the army was also beaten!" The soldier bitter way, at this time Yang rencai found that the soldier's face is also green.真假学园2 10|




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