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神奇宝贝dp78小型芝麻酱机及价格"Fujimori shield light, but tough unusual, but can report the shield effect to the master, to the army." For dianjiang situation, pang tong didn't have too much worry, as zhuge liang worried, pang tong after looking at the surrounding terrain, the conclusion is similar, stormed, even if hundreds of troops, the other side just need to keep the pass, pang tong also can't.After careful consideration, he came up with the key. He couldn't help but pat his thighs with chagrin and said, "It was Guan Yu who snatched away his mind and missed the opportunity to slay Guan Yu."Two hundred steps within range, even Teng Dun also can't block the crossbow attack in the guanzhong, that a dense cluster of arrows, see around the pad jiang soldiers heart cold, the guanzhong army after all how rich, so don't want money to the mountain arrow cluster.

A knife cut Xie Yun, Wang Shuang twisted his head, looked around a face of shu army, harsh voice drink a way."Guan Yu, dog thief, bring your life!" Tardif turned the horse's head, again pick off the crescent moon halberd, back again rushed to guan yu, as long as guan yu died, jingzhou army without a leader, just by tracing the cause of the military forces.As Zhang Fei describe it, Even if Zhang Fei could find out whether he was alive or dead, for this simplified formation, The most is just to separate opponents, after all, although simple, but is a big array with a small array, small array with a smaller array, even if broken open the big array, small array or be able to operate freely, not every small soldier all know this, don't look at zhang fei reckless, but it is authentic haughty origin, there is that foundation, ordinary soldiers can't.神奇宝贝dp78"What are you talking about? Believe it or not, the Third Master will tear you alive now!" Zhang feiwen speech, like a detonated artillery, full of a ferocious smell, even behind him a group of jingzhou soldiers are involuntarily retreat some.

神奇宝贝dp78Pang Tong wants to fire, before we could draw the enemy in, There zhuge liang has seen through, the whole press up don't give pang tong opportunity, zhuge liang want to gather the water of the three rivers flooded pang tong, orders just issued, haven't action, there pang tong has also found, began to seize the upstream with zhuge liang, both sides entangled, zhuge liang can't even flood his own people, can only do it."Son of a bitch!" Guan yu only feel a mouthful of sulking up his chest, at the moment his state, not tardif such a top general, is Ma Zhong that he may not be able to play, in the hands of the usual light if nothing blue dragon crescent moon knife, at the moment as if heavy as a thousand jins, where can we fight again."Don't worry, the army into the city, you need two people to make, not one, if general lee didn't promise, how can I come here?" Xie Cheng said this in the heart actually have no bottom line, because ma to say drop li muddy, has not yet come to a conclusion, this matter is really uncertain, but now that the words have been exported, also can only stiffen the scalp to say it.

"Here!" Tardif, zhou tai excitedly promised 1, after each point a man with landing out of the city straight to YinLing, this is also the most likely way guan yu now."Hey ~" Wei Yan sneer at 1, also don't nonsense, a wave of his hand directly, instantly hundreds of arrows toward zhang fei.神奇宝贝dp78




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