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吴峥is徐梓涵|长春企业名录The family looked at the silent ride who take a crossbow Biao, heart a chill straight up and thought at least also want to entwine under two, who want to the other party didn't give me the chance to speak, to directly is a murderer, without leaving the slightest, originally the budding dynasty, and his ministers who have looked at the crowd, and at that time no one dared to change again, lest the murderous Biao ride who just because a move will himself shot.Listening to the ranting of liu cang, liu zhang looked blankly at meng da, even though his heart was as dead as ashes now, and even now heard liu cang running up to kill himself, his complexion would not be pretty And d let the old general, who had been his confidant, come and kill him in such a desperate manner

Especially after the allied forces had exhausted many elite troops, if lu bu's five elite troops were mobilized at this moment, I am afraid that both cao cao and liu bei would be badly weakened and would have to wait for death."The dog guarding the house destroyed the Great Wall by itself. So sun quan forced zhou yu to death." For sun quan, lu bu is not too respect, although compared with sun ce, he is more like an emperor, but also the Lord of the city.吴峥is徐梓涵|"In terms of military strategy, he may not be better than you, but he is good at planning and also good at scheming. When I was in lumen academy, Mr. Shuijing put me two people in the same position. He was very good at making decisions outside the battlefield. Pang tong nodded.

吴峥is徐梓涵|"Now, do what you have to do." Chen shook his arm, raised his long bow, bent it to take the arrow, and then shot an arrow at lv meng in the astonished eyes of all.Chapter 87 control of the heart of the army"Rebellious?" Meng da smiled and shook his head, eyes, with a few minutes let liu zhang very uncomfortable look.

Deng xian and ling bao also came forward and knelt down with zhang ren."The Lord has ordered, dare to obstruct, kill!" The hussar, led by his guard, rode up, and with his indifferent eyes swept over the whole crowd of frightened families, holding a cold horse-cutting sword, which reflected the cold front in the sunlight."What do you mean? "I am the general of shu," he replied. "you are a traitor in the guanzhong吴峥is徐梓涵|




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