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画皮2台词|天然蜜蜡专卖实体店The burly strong man shook his head and said, "My lord, although we are known as the five southern huns, but between each other, but who can not command who, but I know the other four department commander has entered the territory of wuwei, this you can rest assured."A tarpaulin camp will be divided into two inside and outside, when lyu3 bu4 into the inside, is seen on the couch, a woman tied to the couch."Yes." Yang Xi nodded and hesitated. "I heard that Han Sui had colluded with South Xiongnu secretly. Now Han Sui is poor. If his husband pursues him, I am afraid he will lead South Xiongnu to Koubian."

"Hugh!" Marten said, sent out a shrill scream, a hold on Matthew, back into the gate, just this moment, Marten also more than two arrows cluster, looked down, Matthew has been breathless, not sad, roared up to heaven: "Korea hence, you will not die!"Lyu3 bu4 heart is really happy, Now his men, Giffin is undoubtedly a top counselor, Chen Gong can also be rated as first-class, But both of them basically focused on strategy, Marotta, however, is an all-powerful counselor, Round strategy, maybe not as good as giffin, But no worse than the Chen palace, on governance, has been able to help dong zhuo will be west cool well-organized, for dong zhuo lay a solid rear marotta, absolutely in the Chen palace, especially lyu3 bu4 next step is ready to annex west cool, marotta, who is familiar with the west cool situation counselor around, absolutely can play a twice the result with half the effort.画皮2台词|Table put on the horse milk wine is still steaming, some smelly taste, let lyu3 bu4 just after a sip, didn't move again, the king's tent, only lyu3 bu4 and moon people king two people inside, listen to lyu3 bu4 conditions and painted cakes, moon people king didn't immediately agree to lyu3 bu4 conditions.

画皮2台词|"Two generals just in time!" Speaking of which, zhou cang face can not help but a bitter, to seibel and wei big vomit bitter water son: "master gave me one thousand cavalry, let me will coerce the people of hanoi to Beijing sign, but you know, the eighteen counties of hanoi, and unlike nanyang, there is a piece of embroidery to help, only rely on the one thousand people, when can you finish.""Pata-da ~" Cao Caoshou bamboo paper fell on the table, distracted looking at xun yu: "so fast.""Today, the white water qiang must submit to me!" Ignoring lyu3 bu4 party day painting ji, north palace away from the beast-like eyes looked at Yang Wang.

"It 's time to go!" Lyu3 bu4 thoughtfully nodded, the huns, must be to ask for help, the day before yesterday evening a battle, lyu3 bu4 believe, the huns have been afraid, now can think of, I'm afraid only to recall the invasion of the west cool people.Immediately across a pole day painting ji, cold ji front in the weak moonlight under the print, reflecting the cold cold awn, behind the team is the uniform cavalry, neatly and quietly walking on the road, like a branch of the ghost troops walking in the night, only crisp hoofs, echoing in the wilderness."Master, recently this period of time when Lao wang constantly gathered all the qiang people, is not to contain it." Yang Qiu hesitated, sink a track.画皮2台词|




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