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中国夜美梦娃娃网|运城银光镁业Ye county is far in sight, but the heart of ford is not the slightest joy."Can jingzhou army's grain field ever be confirmed?" Lv meng have lost count of how many times did the week yu mentioned this matter, lv meng and said seriously: "our report has been confirmed, jingzhou of hay every day to nanyang, tuen mun in the bayou, and shipped to the front line of grain is also starting from 13 sent to the front line, just 13 fortified, our report to cannot get in, the chief but worry there are cheat?""Lord, if this goes on, sooner or later they will open the gate and the moat will not stop these beasts!" Pound frowned.

'yes, and very large! Horses are nodded: "for a long time, our army even but can the dodgers five highest crossbow arrow, and the ballista, but from another direction, the perfect solved the problem, as long as enough time, cooperate with our already forming technology, can make better on the basis of the ares crossbow repeating ballista, range and never stop the step!"(there was a time difference. Zhou yu was groping around in the fog to reach huyang. By then, zhou an had been almost wiped out."Arrow, fire!"中国夜美梦娃娃网|Jingzhou, xiangyang.

中国夜美梦娃娃网|Guan yu sneered. If it was just an ordinary crossbow, zhuge liang had designed enough crossbows."No." He shook his head and said, "although there is no strong crossbow that can shoot 600 paces, the yi que guan garrison is the most elite infantry corps under lv bu's command. Even without the advantage of a strong bow, liu bei jun does not have any advantage."In the distance, a large number of troops and horses of liu bei were already in sight. Wei yue took a thousand-li mirror to look at the city. He saw the huge and mighty troops pushing crossbows and ladders and all kinds of siege equipment moving in the distance.

Pike, along the singular arc to huang zhong chest, regardless of the strength, speed and Angle, are enough to prove that, the son of a martial arts have quite unfinished, Cao Liu around the camp, but there is no lack of masters, only look at the gun, to see the child martial arts well, perhaps than the sun ce, but also not bad.'what do you mean? Zhang fei puzzled look at zhuge liang."Why did general han come here? Gao shun nodded, looked at han DE confused behind the army, from close to find that han DE brought almost all the troops are hu people in the western regions.中国夜美梦娃娃网|




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