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刘古塘墓志铭喷立挺Kuai home people, recently seems to be some wrong, CAI MAO suspect, kuai home seems to have colluded with liu bei, but kuai home after all is the same as the CAI home, and listed as one of the four jingxiang family, no conclusive evidence, CAI MAO now dare not mess with the kuai home.But in any case, even if it was to be five years, if lu bu had really captured hanzhong, it would be possible to capture the middle of shu. Although there is no definite information, only in this way can we explain zhang liao's strange actions in jizhou, which delayed a war that could have ended so quickly and lasted for more than two months."General Yang can be sure that the enemy will not be outgunned." Zhang lu worried.

"How many did they come?" Chen qun looked at the door bo way."I've sent someone to find out. Don't give me any decisions until I know, Mr. And Mrs. Dew. Lv bu put on his robe and walked out.刘古塘墓志铭To the horror of zhang lu and others, they all shot out the three arrow clusters stored in the crossbow, which quickly gathered into three dark clouds in the sky and streaked across the city for 200 paces.

刘古塘墓志铭The remaining archers quickly spread out on the two wings, while one of the shields tried to reach inside the gate."Brother, how do you... "Dusty Yang bo see Yang ren, can not help but stunned way."The specific circumstances I don't know, just your frost before the emperor died, designated heir was expensive creams domestic nobles question origin is not pure, there was a coup, the late emperor designated heir was kicked out of the royal family, with a group of people at a place called bactria re-established a new court nobles are controlled by the government and to be your frost countries confrontation." "Said the nighthawk, bowing.

Chen qun has never seen whether chang 'an has become more prosperous as lv bu said. However, according to the continuous news from guanzhong in the past three years, lv bu's wild words in the past have been realized.Soon, along the direction of the tax-free appeared a military horse, black clothes and armor, not many people, but the momentum but ran, in front of a horse, but an ugly han dressed in a suit of scribes, with military horses came."Surrender without killing!刘古塘墓志铭




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