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老苗汤价格"Yes, although this armor is invulnerable, not sink in the water, but only afraid of fire." Yan Yan nodded and laughed. "But if you can get this armor to help you, you can use it as a miracle soldier, and you can have a miracle effect!""Ha ha ha ~""What a quick reaction!" Zhang fei had to give up the plan of attacking wei yan, began to command the soldiers who had just gathered to rejoin the battlefield.

"Despise Chao Kuo?" Lu Zheng seemed to guess what Ma Su was thinking. He shook his head and waved. "Let's go," he said.Zhang Fei was a little irritable and swung the Zhang's eight snake spear away. All around the guanzhong army slay, suddenly looked up, looked at the enemy array, methodically commanding the battle of wei yan, a pair of beast-like eyes flashed a fierce light, suddenly growled, no longer pay attention to ordinary soldiers, crotch black cone tread snow seems to feel the master's heart, scream, rushed in the crowd."Yes, I was going to use trenches to deal with, dug in, with the strength of my shooting sound battalion soldiers, even in the trenches, also enough to force the trenches down, but the li yan has used fire, with tung oil watering, so that I lost five hundred elite soldiers!" Said Pound with some irritation.股"Yes, that man was so rude that he invol all sorts of abuse." Department will nod wry smile way.

股Chen to but follow liu bei in RuNa, is also one of liu bei's top generals, Chen to a death, liu bei heart big timid, but worried about the impact of the zhuge liang zheng shu event, so there is no time to send intelligence into shu, but under the advice of cui zhou ping, shrink the line of defense.Zhuge liang shook his head, pang tong between the lines of the strands of pride on paper, and if something really went wrong in chengdu, pang tong probably didn't have time to bullshit with himself here.

Side of Kong Rong smell speech, also can only sigh, nothing to say, let Liu Xie back to life, that is no doubt their own hit their face, the han is already weak majesty, will finally be beaten up by themselves.Chapter one hundred and eighteen days to not take, will be blamed"What?" When Zhuge Liang heard his face change, he quickly got up and said anxiously, "Quick, summon this man in."股




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