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工业4 0概念股钾旺颗粒水溶肥"General, our prince was the han generals with despicable means to slay in front of the formation, also took the prince's horse!" A few pretty will be sad, sand mo ke's death for five creek pretty that is a huge blow.Is not lu su heart hard, but at the moment he even if have the heart to open the city to save people, also want to worry about whether guan yu will immediately launch a surprise attack, guarding the spirit of the city soldiers has reached the limit, just relax at the moment, if guan yu take advantage of this time to attack again, the city may be breached at any time."Don't be careless." Lu su didn't sleep last night, are worried about guan yu will take the opportunity to attack at night, a night without a thing, will he boil a suffocating.

"Wen He is now a very good minister, and he is still so careful, isn't he tired?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and laughed."Life you two people immediately rushed to danyang, meet tracing the cause of the army, against guan yu, this war, our army can no longer lose!" Sun quan solemnly way."Ha ha, guan yu man, unexpectedly escaped!" Tardif rode on horseback, see guan yu don't fight and flee, while taunting, while is chasing, rare guan yu tiger now fall pingyang, how can let go of this opportunity.工业4 0概念股"I..." Zhang Fei stared, Want to speak, but this time, zhuge liang's attitude is quite resolute, seriously looked at zhang fei way: "wingde, this war is of great importance, not half a point, the pang tong, law is all wise men, each has his own strong points, and now has occupied chengdu, both troops and money, are far better than me, related to the master's business, can't let them have a chance."

工业4 0概念股"How do you... how do you stay?" Wu jin some harsh way."General lee is shu general, the prestige of the army is not under the zhang ren, now lyu3 zheng into shu, zhang ren, the chengdu ShouJiang, should have been by general lee to serve, but now, but brought a strange king double pressure on the general head, the general really willing?" West camp, ma sit on the guest seat, cool way."Wen He is now a very good minister, and he is still so careful, isn't he tired?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and laughed.

"Let Sze-won get the headache." Wei shook his head, Mountain road, the two sides can formally open is to consider sending a small elite troops around the past, but to really break into jiangzhou, also have to rely on the frontal battlefield confrontation, as long as break DianJiang, according to the map, although across DianJiang, there are many hills, but at least not the main Daba mountain, fighting will be much easier than now."Here!" Xing Daorong smell speech nodded, Brought a team to the harbor ambush, just to the harbor, then see a water army from downstream against the river, Xing Daorong said, hurriedly command soldiers resist, don't let each other ashore, at this time, the water suddenly appeared a pile of heads, a large number of jiangdong soldiers suddenly emerged from the water, one by one holding sharpened pole, against the jingzhou soldiers caught by surprise."Die!" Wang Shuangleng snorted, chopping a sword, easily cut off the other side of the sword, followed by the knife potential, with the other side of the head cut off.工业4 0概念股




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