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黄圣依加盟妈超3|陆地巡洋舰摩托车Cao Cao-wen said, glancing inadvertently across the country, but seeing that the country was slightly imperceptible, nodded his head and said, "What Gongda said is very good."Mournful hissing roar in the crowd is quite sharp, begging fu goyang smell speech face big change, want to turn over, but horses have been frightened, at the moment has gone, and the whole army with the life-long shriek, is completely bombed camp.

If it is ordinary xianbei people, it is difficult to tell what temperament from lyu3 bu4, plus lyu3 bu4 tall, appearance is also very impact, plus the original are conference semifinals, so in the king's court, from beginning to end no one doubted lyu3 bu4's true identity.Quebec head by sit down quickly, narrowly escaped a calamity, the last flood rushed over, has come to the end of the force, but will be the first-class kui knocked over to the ground, didn't want his life."Qin Ming-yue Han-shi guan, ten thousand li long march people have not returned, but make the dragon fly in, don't teach hu ma du yinshan!" Strong and powerful voice, echoed in the dead valley, with an unspeakable heroic, only listen to behind a group of hussars and embroidery, liao hua couldn't help but give birth to a feeling of blood boiling, looking at the wall, the dragon flying phoenix dance, with a murderous spirit of the big word, couldn't help but clap hands: "good, but make the dragon city fly in the mountain, don't teach hu ma du!"黄圣依加盟妈超3|"Here!" Ma dai, Ma Tie bowed to life, each point two thousand military forces, around the mayi arrow.

黄圣依加盟妈超3|"Changan Academy, is prepared for the family." Pang tong wry smile way: "Although not quite understand lyu3 bu4 plan, But at the beginning of the year, Lyu3 bu4 set up county school, I think there's a backhand, a little bit of education will be extended to counties and even townships, At that same time, Changan academy is different from county academy, For the enrollment of people have various requirements, or county school graduate, or the children of meritorious minister, I think it is for the future to take refuge in lyu3 bu4 or lyu3 bu4 now after the subordinates provide a career, future generations of children or meritorious minister's children, can directly enter changan academy, into office is bound to be easier than ordinary people. "In contrast, the west cool and harmony state intelligence will be gentle, after the beginning of the spring, zhang liao to xu sheng, chen xing, won the wudu county, zhang both with hands personally to wudu county in charge of governance, within this year, should be able to get hundreds of people, lyu3 bu4 for now, every additional population, the future is more than a deposit."Khan to personally?" Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly frowned.

"Plan?" Lyu3 bu4 face just reveal a confused look, bitter shook his head."Zhang embroidery." Lyu3 bu4 finally looked at zhang embroidery way: "This time you will come to sit behind the town, help the waves to allocate hay, do not make a lack of!"黄圣依加盟妈超3|





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