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刘大心|二手前四后四货车Chapter one hundred and seven joke sceneXing Daorong stood under Yuanmen, pointing his sword at Tardif and others and laughing, "Didn't you want us to open the door, Jiangdong rat? Now Yuanmen is open, where are you going?""Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

"..." Silent looked at Pang Tongyi eyes, wei yan silent to point soldiers, fifty guanzhong elite, but also with the rope, it seems, is really ready to catch people."Isn't that better?" Lyu3 bu4 smiled, even if the three in one, now lyu3 bu4 are not afraid, let alone fight."General, how to do?" Outside the city of nanyang, pound camp, a new round of loss ratio sent up, although most of the dead are mercenaries in the western regions, but even with human life to add, such a long distance, and li yan or layer upon layer of defense tactics, put thirty thousand mercenaries in the western regions, all can't add to the city of nanyang.刘大心|"Calm down, calm down!" Pang tong pacified: "the more urgent he is, the more we can't hurry, don't smell a rally, then decline, three and exhausted, although don't have to wait three times so long, but also will he this rally of energy first consume a consumption, general zhang ren, please point ten thousand steps army elite, good health trim, tomorrow out of the city battle, also let me see kongming trained jingzhou army have what battle force?"

刘大心|"You see, Quoa is a port, more benefit water war, although Guan Yu did defense in the port, but obviously not water war, defense is full of mistakes and omissions, He Qi, Zhou Tai!"Xing Daorong saw tardif rushed ashore, not a sink in the heart, this is able to war with guan yu lily, xing Daorong with guan yu, guan yu will also mention his martial arts, plus natural magic, a martial arts is also superb, but that also depends on who with tardif, meet tardif this level, also only rest food.Looking back at the crowd, Lv Zheng shook his head and sighed: "Zheng gave you the opportunity, Huang Quan, Wang Lei a few adults have never participated in this matter, desire, resentment who come? Zheng is young, but at this time you show the IQ want to hide from me, ha ha..."

"Thunder ~""Crossbow down!" Although it is not clear where the sudden emergence of the brute force came from, but now is not the time to consider this issue, if let these brute force rushed in directly, the damage caused is not small.The flames of the sky with countless screams spread in the trenches, filled the eyes of the soldiers on both sides, even if the shooting sound battalion soldiers how well-trained, well-equipped also can not resist the erosion of the flames.刘大心|




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