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直播烧炭自杀|御品膳食通After hamur left, liu bao went back to his king's tent. In his king's tent, there was a huge map. It was a map of hetao, which he had spent half a year drawing out with sheepskin.< / p > < p > lu lingqi weekdays in some charming pretty big miss temper, character is more straightforward, but at the moment, when the Chen palace really plate face to talk to her, lu lingqi's arrogance was immediately pressed down, for the important minister around lu bu, lu lingqi but dare not act, darling way: "ling qi do not know, also hope that the gentleman to solve the confusion."Kill!" Liu bao slowly stood up, raised his arms high, until now, retreat is never retreat, once back, will evolve into a rout, only a war!Forced the heart of the wave of repression and unrest, liu bao waved the flag, urged the huns continue to charge.

Just three or four days, but always walk not JingXiang, Addis try to sneak a checkpoint, but before long, the level of forces around suddenly out of the four or five times more, and at night to prevent particularly cautious, drawbacks of sneak attack during a night attack fails, without Addis genial smile that, run ahead of schedule, the dozens, girls can account here."Husband, look at our child." Diao cicada looked at lv bu feebly, the face is hard to conceal that maternal brilliance however.People naturally will not increase, lu bu now, no troops to add chips for the battle, the huns will feel that the enemy more people, just because the attack is too frequent, ten thousand cavalry under the leadership of lu bu, continue to chisle through the huns, let them feel a lot of enemy illusion.直播烧炭自杀|No matter how outside family evaluation and attitude towards lu bu, but after today, lyu3 bu4 even royalty, to this day, the chang 'an is shrouded in a pleasant atmosphere, although the weather cold, but still have a lot of people came to watch the scene of bustle, the chang 'an site from the palace to a title of generals in ancient times the general mansion this section of the road, is rare in such a cold day to reach the point of the whole.

直播烧炭自杀|Poison!'something important? Burn when Lao wang stuffy hum, some unhappy, mostly to find their own troops.

"With 500 guards, and general liang xing was also at his side."Li ru was moved and looked at other humanitys. "when he and lian died, his son qian man should have succeeded to the throne, but due to his young age, he let kui tou seize the throne.直播烧炭自杀|




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