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731shanghai rar7色瘦But actually, Lu Zheng had been in the army camp since he was three years old, Began some basic training at the age of five, Every day with Hua Tuo's five birds play endure strength, Up to now, though not a first-class martial arts, But like Xie Cheng this third-rate and even non-entering Wu in the future three or five lyu3 zheng can calmly deal with, It's just that I grew up in a different environment, from an early age is in the public support, Although later lyu3 bu4 in order to hone his son, secretly threw him all over the secret name to experience for two years, but the noble spirit has become a habit, this battlefield fight, he is not going to do, of course, also don't despise, after all, his father's family business is by brave hard.Zhuge liang smell speech, silently nodded, if the rattan armor is really so fierce, to it as a surprise, but can harvest wonders.Tardif hiding in the side, saw the army siege, guan yu side defensive strength is weak, immediately rushed out on horseback, hand-drawn carved bow, hundreds of steps away, bow and arrow, horses galloping, serial three arrows.

"General, I'll get rid of them!" Xing Daorong got up, ready to go out again, but was stopped by guan yu.Tardif and zhou tai just surrounded the jingzhou foot soldiers in the east of the city, is about to surrender, but heard behind the shout ShaSheng big, hurriedly turned around to see, but see guan yu has come back with military forces, not frightened.Tracing the cause while camping, while sending a horse, search four military intelligence, didn't rashly attack, until the next morning, jiangdong soldiers trim overnight, replenish the energy just life He Qi attack.731shanghai rarGet out, of course, in time, After all, even if the trenches were flooded, in terms of the depth of the trenches, it is impossible to drown, but don't forget, pound already sent a lot of crossbowmen wait on it, some jingzhou soldiers watched the river flow in, regardless of how much thought, instinctively climbed out of the trenches, but to meet them, is a cold arrow cluster.

731shanghai rar"Why does the old general sigh? But what's wrong?" Zhuge liang puzzled to yan yan."What do you have in mind?" Pound rubbed his temples and turned to look at them."No." Wei shook his head.

Thousands of arrows, an icy cluster of arrows tearing the air, has been shot instantly, in the continuous stuffy noise, wei's brows are wrinkled, the cluster of arrows could not shoot through each other's rattan shield, although also caused casualties, but with the imagination of mowing grass harvesting head scene is much worse.A mat Jiang soldiers quietly head, Prepare to take advantage of the height, put an arrow here, however, just bob, heard a stuffy sound, countless arrow cluster spread around him, trunk, the ground and even many rocks, all plugged in by the arrow cluster, the bob of the soldiers including their own team, seven or eight people were nailed to the ground by the cold arrow cluster."Yes." Somebody hurriedly told me the whole story.731shanghai rar




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