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红蜘蛛4剧情介绍|王牌车In his front, has one thousand five hundred members, this is some morale, but zhou yu have no worry, that one thousand five hundred people, is not only elite troops, is also the most long soldiers followed zhou yu, say you're welcome, unless the sun ce resurrected, otherwise, don't go to jingzhou, even now to chop down a sun quan zhou yu to directly rushed into the company, they won't knit the brows, even if know is dead."Kongming, this... "Zhang fei looked at these even in the face of death are not afraid of jiangdong man, but at the moment a burst into tears, moved the snake spear, finally did not start, some difficult to look at zhuge liang."Prepare for war! With a wave of his hand, zhou yu and his five hundred men quickly approached the gate, taking cover from the surrounding buildings.

Zhou yu raised his head and looked behind zhang fei. But he saw a cultured young man coming out from behind zhang fei, under the protection of several soldiers."Secondly, the Lord has enough prestige and credit, sweep yong cool, horse step huns, seal Wolf guxu, force yuan shao, plus reward and punishment clear, meritorious work will be rewarded, have had to punish, even the Lord himself and his family must go according to law, and these things, liu zhang?红蜘蛛4剧情介绍|Chapter 63 the great breach of guan yu

红蜘蛛4剧情介绍|Chapter 68 negative teaching materialsWang ran is wang li's son and nephew, liu zhang this just remembered, although wang lei is loyal minister, but also is the same family, he would give this kind of thing to a family to do, shook his head, liu zhang disappointed way: "this thought, wang qing and other family people are different, now it seems, but also the same birds of a feather.Xun has sent a caravan secretly peddlery silk road, therefore at feeling is very clear on this point, their caravans on the silk road, even if encounter robbers are treated as big ye, so at very clear lyu3 bu4 the name on the Great Wall represents what, the status of the han Chinese today are almost lyu3 bu4 one hand, it is also for the glory, the guanzhong Confucianism even be lyu3 bu4 down from the position of academic centers, rather than betray lyu3 bu4, more ashamed to interacting with zhongyuan dynasty, because of"Moreover, the five thousand hu soldiers were absolutely determined to lu bu, because lu bu brought them honor and honor." Xunyou looked at cao cao with a wry smile and said, "Lord, our army should be ready to meet lv bu's counter-attack now. We can't fight any more."

⺋iangyang was pinged, liu bei successfully occupied nine counties of the news, in the first time, was arranged in jingzhou nightingale by flying pigeons to spread the book to luoyang.Although know cao cao is impossible to hear his cry, but xia houyuan or crazy Shouting, only in this way, can disperse the heart of the weak feeling."Commander." The party was escorted to zhou yu's side and ordered back to him.红蜘蛛4剧情介绍|




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