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便便狼维密魔法梳Although liu bei fought for many years and failed repeatedly, he still had some skills in his strategic vision. He did not rely entirely on his men to support him. Otherwise, he would be a Lord.Li dian roared, air shen dantian, force through both arms, with all his strength to meet up."Talk about old things, later I will personally go to chang 'an and fengxian wine talk!" Cao cao smiled and said, "when I fight to chang 'an, we will have time to talk about the past."

"Li zhao, deputy general of li dian, was a man of great valor. Xun you bowed.All the way out of xiangyang scope, lu lingqi or some blank xiangyang fu.Li shuxiang face a black, but now also can not see her expression, see lv bu one eye, silent on the ground, quickly do.便便狼"Son of a bitch! And shaking his head, hanyoung elbow back a, merely pound ribs under a pain, hands unconsciously loosen, hanyoung pike back always try to hand, in pound ribs, was a gun will pound without death, but listen to outside the gates in a loud shout, zhang liao already was to break into, from the wide open the gate of a bayonet on the backs of nux, pike mergence, behind the dart out of the chest.

便便狼They could not run at all, but if they did not run, they would have been targets for their stealthy arrows."Lord, forgive, will not be able to resist, willing to accept punishment!" Xu chu threw down his broadsword and knelt down before cao cao."General of military advisers?" Gao shun read the letter in his hand again, and looked at pang tong, a little smile appeared on his rigid face: "I heard ling qi said that Sir Has a talent, this is to experience some."

"If you want to blow your own trumpet, wait till you have merit." Lu lingqi sneered.< / p > < p > guo yuan can not continue to pursue, roar a sound, gun back."Thunk ~"便便狼




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