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拉菲主管q5877578|祖灵芝清斑霜Wu guan, general mansion."At the end of the day!" Tardif and zhou tai looked at each other, Lin however, after being ordered to turn around and stride away."Tomorrow you take a brigade of elite soldiers secretly fell in port, if guan yu sent troops to retake the port, then rate army and general zhou tai attack guan yu, seize the opportunity to seize the city!" Tracing the cause commanded.

Even now this is like hell scene, not also is that they fight with guan yu bitter, that they are not much worse than guan yu?"Any questions?" Pang tong looked at wei, asked.拉菲主管q5877578|"Get up, General Cheng." Lu Zheng waved his hand to Su Rong and said, "You don't have to ask me much about the next thing, just do what I say."

拉菲主管q5877578|Guan yu is watching the battle in the array, suddenly a tight heart, years of war honed out of the instinct let him subconsciously hide, only listen to sting a light ring, head a light, but is tassel helmet was shot down, if not he hide in time, this arrow, I'm afraid it will hit his head.And on the third day, When Guan Yu remained motionless, The tense nerves of the soldiers guarding the city began to slacken, After all, it seems that Guan Yu did not intend to siege the city, As the saying goes, not more than three, the three days of time, the state of mind of the soldiers in guan yu trim this period of time, step by step change, the spirit in the tension of two days, began to relax, the third day indeed guan yu didn't come out, and lu su stayed three nights in a row, has been really some can't hold up, confess he qi after a few words, back to the city to rest.Without too much hesitation, his horses have begun to meet zhang fei, in the hands of the sword dragged on the ground, a sharp momentum came into being.

Thought, that ma will have what trick, now it seems, is to take off his pants fart, look safe, but in fact will also make big risk, but luckily, now chengdu will be their people, now to lu zheng also no problem.Three thousand elite quickly line up at the foot of the mountain formation, under the command of wei yan, began to cover the mountain shooting, where someone will head off an area as the object of coverage shooting, since the other side of the rogue, then let them see what really rogue.拉菲主管q5877578|




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