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超级巨声2|沙果树苗In handan taishoufu, lu bu sent an urgent letter to a pro-wei: "hurry up, send this document to changshan!""Damn it, didn't liu biao agree to form an alliance with his Lord? But nanyang soldiers and horses will appear here! ?" < / p > < p > tiger prison shut, looking at the great jingzhou army outside the pass, xu sheng can not help but angry, at the same time attracted a pro-wei road: "fast, flying horse to luoyang, will be here to inform the intelligence of general gao."Kill!" Zhang he looked at it, but he could not speak. He rushed to the gate of the city.

The death of robe ze did not make these knights from hetao feel sad, they had been used to life and death, indifferent to accept all this, under the command of ma chao rao a big circle, once again toward li dian's troops from the flank launched an attack."Death row! Guan yu was so angry that he abandoned the magnificent sea and killed the young general. Although his right shoulder was wounded by the meteor hammer, he could not make a force for a moment, but his left arm was intact.Need not him to say actually, the general in account mostly had crossed swords with lv bu, also feel to get, although former lv bu yong crowns the world, also did not have so wide of the mark however, for a time, the mood seems to be more depressed a few.超级巨声2|"Yo ~"

超级巨声2|The former battalion had little practical value, so it was simply used as a base for the ministry of works. After all, this was lu bu's military secret. It was located in chang 'an."Er... Just now, when jiang was away, he told me that Mr. Wen he was in the Lord's house. "The guard touched his head and looked at pang tong, but pang tong pushed him away.< / p > < p > li dian looked at a glance has been torn down the same camp, if the camp did not tear down the much better, at least can rely on the camp to resist ma chao, and then wait for reinforcements to come to the rescue, he did not return for a long time, will certainly arouse the suspicion of the subordinates.

"My life will end!" Gao LAN and others looked at each other, yuan shang and cao cao salute."Don't panic! Li dian took a deep breath and shouted: "as long as we are not disorderly, they will take us out of the way. Archers are ready!""Last general wang shuang, see general gao!" Young general step forward, to gaoshun arch way.超级巨声2|




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