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古今船都网木枣口服液"Liu ye, I have seen the general." Liu yezheng is his lapel, slightly arch way."Quick, inform the Lord!" With cries of surprise, a large number of soldiers rushed towards him, and two guards charged with protecting Chen qun frantically searched around, but found nothing but a crossbow lying on the ground."Section shots! With wei yan's command, the soldiers in the front row quickly shot the arrows out of the crossbow box and began to fill the crossbow. Then the soldiers followed the design and formed a dense rain of arrows towards the opposing army.

"When the Lord heard that lu bu's instruments were very strong, he sent his ye to help him." Liu ye smiled and bowed to xia houyuan.The sad and shrilly voice, the command quickly spread out, someone in the gate constantly shaking the torch, the xiangyang soldiers around are unmoved, indifferent waving the order flag: "shoot the arrow!""It's a pity that the fertile land of jingxiang should suffer from war!" Pang tong sighed with an ugly face. Since he chose to assist lv bu, he naturally did not want jingxiang to experience too much war. If he could peacefully surrender himself, it would be the best.古今船都网"Close!" Wei yan sneers, the soldier is under his command, draw close quickly, form a shield wall, a spear from behind the shield wall out, mercilessly reaping the life of the opponent.

古今船都网At least from zhang lu's point of view, there were not many soldiers on the other side. Even if we abandoned the wall and fought with the enemy in the street, we could not delay the arrival of reinforcements."Well!" Martin stepped forward and bowed."Kill!"

"A draw? Lv bu frowned suddenly, looking at the checkerboard jia xu will take away his car, suddenly think, if so, with the history of the three points of the world and what is the difference? Musing, he said, "but the old and noble families of shu also rejected our army, and even the common people were extremely exclusive.""Oh ~" lv bu stood up and looked at Chen GUI, who knew nothing about life and death. She shook her head with a dull interest: "drag it out and feed the dog.""Boom -"古今船都网





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