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唐人社原名美国十次|绿华园"The general said, a word, since can block my three not dead, the general will naturally fulfill his promise." Lyu3 bu4 will hang party day painting ji back on horseback, looked at d laughed: "moreover, your ability has not reached the limit, die now, some pity, hope to see you next time, you can block a few more moves.""That summoned the haughty families in hanoi, all the haughty families under the door of the family home, especially estimate, also can gather thousands of people, then false surrender, lyu3 bu4 into the city, secretly ambush in the barbarian city, when lyu3 bu4 into the city, immediately close the gate, ten thousand arrows, lyu3 bu4 longitudinal overlord courage, also can't escape to death."Raised hoofs of horses, the mighty huns knight like a torrent from the chicken deer village surge out, braking toward the direction of the moon lake.

Crunch ~Even if not to inquire, ma dai also know, west cool, I'm afraid to change!Everything is difficult in the beginning, many things, the first step is always very difficult, but as long as we get out of this step, the rest of the things will come naturally.唐人社原名美国十次|Moments later, lieutenant wei yan under the leadership of the small school into the handsome account.

唐人社原名美国十次|"Master, hanoi satrap miu shang and a bunch of officials want to take advantage of the chaos to escape, has been taken, please master." Chen Xing waved his hand, including Miu Shang, all were pressed to kneel on the ground."Besieged Huai County." Zhou Cang said."Among you, there are west cool people, there are qiang people, there are many, not long ago, or with the subordinates! But now, I just want to tell you, you and I, we have a common name, that is the han people!" Lyu3 bu4 a pair of eyes, To meet the eyes of five thousand people: "In my eyes, Each and every one of you, It's all my robes, Today, regardless of status, regardless of rank, I, lyu3 bu4, As a Han Chinese, Just for me, Han, get justice, With the weapons of my hand, For the innocent people who died, To those humble huns for a saying, may bleed, even die, our name, may not be known to posterity, can only be in the boundless wilderness, do an unknown skeleton, but even if the last drop of blood, also will not let any one contaminated with my Chinese blood, the huns from this land alive! "

Another problem is the lack of teachers, this is why lyu3 bu4 together with the children of the family to catch the reason, lyu3 bu4 didn't want to persuade these people to work for themselves."Let them drag on." Lyu3 bu4 don't care about the marching speed was slowed down in general, thought: "Let people take the weapons of the huns, tell them, to fight, will be sent to them.""Here!" Xu rong smiled and nodded, he has understood lyu3 bu4 motive.唐人社原名美国十次|




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