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青天衙门之七彩蝴蝶|牛膝种子Last life although doing business, but lu buke did not prepare to build a business empire plan, to business rich country, to industry strong country.Although five hundred officers and soldiers do not understand what happened, but this period of time to receive training, the first is the military order, absolute obedience, immediately dressed up, each put on the latest armor, with a carpenter camp inside the tailored weapons, under the leadership of the vast sea, the spirit of steaming to the direction of lu bu ran away.'what? Even though lv bu had been prepared for the speech, he could not help feeling unspeakable joy and unreality.

"Kill!" Liu bao slowly stood up, raised his arms high, until now, retreat is never retreat, once back, will evolve into a rout, only a war!Forced the heart of the wave of repression and unrest, liu bao waved the flag, urged the huns continue to charge.Slowly raised his arm to force to slow down the speed of marching, role of horse pit, is no longer a secret on the prairie, the rouzhi roamed upon this stuff, just under the will of the family of three, support up to now, no matter tu qiang or Wolf, to zero, no less in this hurt, and the horse pit, lyu3 bu4 to hetao plains, to the advantage of cavalry to limit the thoroughly, almost every time before in drug delivery ready to determine whether the other horse pit.He died at the age of 45. It can be said that if he had lived for 20 years longer, he would have made a great achievement like that of genghis khan, given the decline of the eastern han dynasty.青天衙门之七彩蝴蝶|This group of female soldiers, there are more than 10 from the general house maid picked out, but more is taking every month lyu3 ling3 qi4 give oneself of month offer a little saved.

青天衙门之七彩蝴蝶|"You ~" xun you helplessly shook his head, for guo jia, he is completely no temper, turned his head to look at cao cao: "Lord, lu bu by this battle, han sui, burned when the department, under the command of the battle has been over one hundred thousand, can not be prevented.The two sides hanged together, the number of city guards is too small after all, plus these soldiers one seems to be holding the idea of suicide rushed over general, rao is liao hua brave, the city guards each life, also by these crazy soldiers forced into the wind.< / p > < p > three days ago, lu lingqi cut the CAI children's tongue, originally is not what a big deal, this is the rich family is not prior, if not their own a little bit of skill, is not to be fang qiangna back?

"What do you mean by filial piety?" Cheng yu looks at guo jia and frowns: "feng xiao means that lu bu will hibernate here?""Where's the vice President?" Lv bu swept some uneasy city guard, indifferent way."What kind of hero are you when you cheat?" Wenpin bellowed.青天衙门之七彩蝴蝶|




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